Things Do's and Dont's in Dubai

Snogging on the beach is definitely out CREDIT: GETTY

ABritish IT worker faces possible jail time after he was arrested in Dubai for sticking his middle finger up at another motorist.
Jamil Ahmed Mukadam, 23, made the rude gesture as he drove to Dubai International Airport in February, but wasn’t arrested until September 10, when he returned to the oil-rich emirate for a holiday.
Offensive or insulting behaviour is illegal in the United Arab Emirates and Mr Mukadam, from Leicester, could face up to six months in jail if he’s found guilty.
It’s easy for unsuspecting tourists to fall foul of the law in the UAE, where harsh penalties are handed out for things that may not be illegal elsewhere, things like:
Tennis in the clouds? No problem. Writing a cheque that bounces? Definitely not